Money Maker // Reissued Studio One Reggae Compilation Album

On one hand you have the soul of a musician wandering an uncharted genre, you achieve purity this way. On the other, a lot of these songs sound like educated movie themes. They don't make music like this anymore. 

Some songs don't even have a dominant theme vibe, like the above Black is Black by Im & Dave. Now, you're getting a dated release stream here, but the actual reissue has a far superior sound quality. It must be a beautiful thing to listen to this on a brand new LP with today's technology.

I don't know about you, but my ears are ready.

As far as the track list is involved, everything is quality within the constraints of the era. I'd like to criticize the fact that they made a 10 track compilation album using only 4 artist variations, but it's 1970 and it works.
LP/CD/MP3 @ Studio One
Who's on the album?
  • Im & Dave
  • Lloyd Williams
  • Jackie Mittoo
  • Coxone Dodd, aka The Boss

Studio One is kind of a founding father-label, a first stir, a helping push towards ska, reggae, and their sibling genres. This compilation is from a rising peak in Jamaican music history, released in 1970 with artists that directly influenced that relaxed tropical vibe we still can't get enough of.

Like what you hear?
Look. Them. Up.

Maybe it was better back then. Maybe they've fixed the flaws and created other ones. Debate aside, Money Maker is a feast for reggae loving ears.

You can stream the entire album on Spotify.
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