Nao - For All We Know

Singer-songwriter Nao released this little gem a few days ago. After listening to Fool to Love and foolishly discarding the artist, it's now that I was able to embrace the entire album and understand what's going on.

Fool to Love was probably the best introduction I could have had, because its now months later and the track seared itself on my mind when it played on the LP.

I can almost smell the '80s influence, but it's very faint on Fool to Love. Other tracks like Inhale Exhale, Trophy, and Give Me A Little have a much more pronounced influence. Tracks like DYWM made me feel like modern Justice took a spin at producing something for her, and that's where the retro and the modern really meet. This is where Nao's coined wonky funk comes into play, and it's pretty much what the album's made up of.

What caught me was more than just music production with '80s influence done right. Her vocal melodies are pop, but classic pop. Pop with melody, with direction and grace. I have to love it because as someone who prefers production to vocals and verbal stories, she makes me enjoy listening.
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Finally, tracks like Blue Wine show that she can be powerful while being delicate. And here, maybe, we see how the backing production can help influence her vibe. You can't have one without the other on this album, so I'm real curious to see how she plans to top it.

My interest if I were her?
Make this album resonate for years.

The material is all there, but a lot of the best tracks are already singles. At best she could pull three more out of it, And if you were wondering why you'd never heard her before, I don't know what to tell you, guys. I don't know how she hasn't boomed more. It's our own fault; listening to whatever else.

This is the good stuff.

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