Seeds, Roots & Fruits

It takes snooping to find music like this.

Polish beat-maker Emapea came out with this effort early this year, I just now found it and I have Jazzy to thank for that. The track's been made a little easier to find than most of the album its on, and for good reason.

Jazzy gives you a clear view of the main theme, lounge jazz turned beats.

Seeds, Roots & Fruits sounds like an effortless nod at relaxed creativity. It's very intricate, though. Very well composed beats and samples all layered to sound as organic as possible.

It's important to note they're still beats so repetition is inevitable.

Sometimes the repetition is more noticeable, It's gonna depend on the vibe of the track and the jazz samples infused into it, but there's rarely a boring moment regardless.
Stream/Buy @ Cold Busted
I recommend starting at the beginning and letting it run. The album title comes into play a lot more dramatically than I was expecting, and that was both a nice surprise and something I wouldn't want to spoil further to anyone who's gonna make the most of it.

There are still some limited edition vinyls on the store. I'm gonna see if I grab one of those when I can, but there's also a couple of CDs and cassettes if that's more your thing. Cold Busted uses the Bandcamp platform to distribute their music, so the digital files can be downloaded in sweet lossless goodness if you can appreciate that.

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