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Submitting Music

If you're a musician, publisher, or musical representative, you can contact and send your music to D4 at You should let him know whether or not you'd be alright with follow up questions regarding your work. Other things you should consider submitting include:

  • Two linkable sources of the song(s) you'd like featured (if any.)
  • Artwork of some sort in relation to your submission. If you have none, improvisation is possible. (This could prolong the post.)

    If you'd simply like to introduce D4 to new music, contact him anyway for a potential shout-out!

    Wanna Write for D4AM?

    We're looking to expand the site into a humble e-zine. If you're interested in participating during these beginnings, please don't hesitate to contact D4 at

    Worst case scenario, you're not featured. Best case scenario, you gain exposure as part of the D4AM family.


    I expect no one to change what they listen to, however D4AM's purpose is to test the limits for those open minded enough to try.

    I'd like everyone to be able to listen to what I have to offer. If at any point you can't, search for the alternate link which is usually right under the original.


    If there's anything you'd like to tell me or talk about, contact me. I won't bite. Alternatively, you can just track me down at Facebook or Twitter where I occasionally mention music that I don't post on the blog.